Friday, November 30, 2007

Yeah You Told Me 'Bout the Time!

Today is our last NaBloPoMo post. Lo hicimos! Instead of writing about what an amazing, challenging, friend-making, soul-searching, blah blah blah experience this has been, I'm going to briefly share the topics and pictures I didn't have time to elaborate on during the month of November. Because the couple of times I didn't have a good, fleshed out post? It wasn't because I had nothing to say, it's because I didn't have the time to type it. I always have something to say.

Chloe (like her mother) has SO MUCH to say these days. I'm acutely aware of how communication at this stage has as much to do with her learning our language as it does us learning hers. I find myself surprised when other people don't understand her. It's so clear to me!

She also reads books to us all the time. She happily flips through the pages, telling us words from each one, then tosses the book aside with a casual "theeee in!" ("The end." Obviously.)

There were 72 balls! That will still probably get its own post.

Connor's best friend had his last day at Idlewild today. I am not ready to start thinking about the breaking up of old and forming of new friendships that will accompany the transition to kindergarden next year, so this really caught me off guard. Connor hasn't really reacted yet- we'll see how it goes next week.

This week at work has been awful. Ask Andria- she heard all about it, and listened politely even though her week was worse.

Those zoo pictures Chip posted a couple of weeks ago- there are stories to tell! But mainly I never got a chance to say Happy Birthday to my November girls, Delaney (age 3) and her beautiful mother Beth (born in the 1960s!)

Last night was Nickel Creek's last show probably ever, and Chip went to Nashville to see it. He took Connor and left him there (in Nashville, not at the concert), although I've been promised that he will be returned to me on Sunday.

My Thanksgiving cooking was fun, but a bit hindered by the fact that both kids stayed home that day. Chloe had been fighting a random fever all week, and stayed home all week. Connor thought spending the day at home watching TV sounded pretty bitchin', so he spent the week coming up with creative and heartfelt reasons why he needed to stay home as well, finally breaking me on a cold, rainy Wednesday.

I am not doing a Christmas countdown calendar this year. That is too much structure, even for me. Plus Connor's not going to be here on December First, and my OCD won't let me come to terms with that. (I had a hard enough time doing this for only 24 days instead of a whole month!)We're still making sugar cookie ornaments, though.

I hope everyone who participated in NaBloPoMo had a great month. Those of you who participated by reading my blog regularly- well, bless your hearts. I promise to leave you alone at least until Monday.

Theeee in!


Memphisotan said...

Congratulations! Although technically, since there are two of you, I think you have to go all through December, too.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on a job ... done.

Stacey Greenberg said...

well done!

Stacey Greenberg said...

there's some serious december slacking going on in here!