Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Stay-Home Holiday

We made the most of our three-day weekend, even though Connor just can't understand why some random holiday gave us an extra "stay-home day."

Saturday night we took Connor to his first Sunset Symphony. We met the Smiths and their girls, and Sam and his girls, and had a good time watching the air show, looking at the boats, and hearing some music. It would have been better if we had noticed at the drive-thru (rather than at the river) that we were given a burger and fries rather than chicken nuggets, fries and mandarin oranges. Somehow just the fries sustained him, enough to support his healthy fear of the impending fireworks. As promised, we left well before the fireworks began, wearing smiles and glow-in-the-dark bracelets. "That was fun, mama." Good.

Sunday the Smiths came over for "brunch," then headed back to Mississippi as we headed to Germantown, the magical city where our friends have backyard pools. Connor swam with Uncle Cullen all afternoon, threatening several times to jump in without anyone looking despite his tenuous grasp on the concept of not drowning. I was really impressed by his comfort level, as well as his first jump off of a diving board. Not impressed enough to take pictures, though. Chloe had a great time too! Just kidding- she cried just looking at the water, and it took her three hours to let me dip even her toes in. She looked cute in her bathing suit and sun hat, though.

Monday we had a bunch of friends over for a good old-fashioned East Memphis cook-out. In addition to enjoying Mexican-ish food, mojitos, playing outside in only socks, and adult vs. monkey volleyball, we also got to celebrate GK's first birthday. Happy birthday cutie! Thanks to the die-hard Midtown folks who made the drive despite gas being $3.06 a gallon. A little holiday travel never hurt anyone! I hope your kids fell asleep as soon as mine did, leaving you a few minutes to enjoy the holiday alone.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

jiro fell asleep in the car around 7pm and didn't wake up until 8am!!! it was awesome!

we had a blast. thanks for letting us destroy your lovely home.