Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Just some things that don't warrant their own post:

I'm so happy that spring is trying to arrive early in Memphis! Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the zoo,joined by the entirety of Team Zeno. ( We also ran into Team S.A.M- stop stalking me!) It was a perfect day for it- and it's still February! Maybe this global warming stuff isn't so bad after all! (I'm kidding, Stacey!)

The Oscars were great. Quick party recap: We had it catered, so preparation and clean-up were beyond easy! Di was in town and got to attend, so that was cool. I am personally offended that Cars didn't win any Oscars. This year I only saw four nominated films- Connor saw two! Man I'm lame. Tiff and I tied with 15 correct picks, so we will share the prize. (Movie passes.) I think we're planning to see Norbit.

We took Connor to his first hockey game over the weekend. He loved it! Worth the drive down south, I think, although the quality of play is a little lacking. C's reaction to the experience made up for that, though. We'll get him to some Redbirds games this year for sure. He's really been pushing to attend more sporting events lately. My boy!

Connor is still into all things scatalogical. At the zoo yesterday we noticed every animal's booty and compared the size of all their poop. He tries to work the word "butt" into conversation without getting into trouble. We try not to laugh. His pickiness has reached new heights, with a recent breakfast hunger strike. I took him to the grocery store and turned him loose on the breakfast aisle, telling him to pick something, anything, that he would eat. He settled on strawberry Pop Tarts (unfrosted), and ate half of one the next morning. Progress! Today he declared them "too crunchy" and rejected them as a breakfast option. Sigh.

Chloe is still eating everything in sight and refusing to walk on her own. She has some type of stomach bug that is keeping us home today, and no doubt she is depressed that it is interrupting her constant eating. For the record, Chloe thinks strawberry Pop Tarts are just fine.

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