Thursday, September 07, 2006


So Steph took Chloe to Ann Arbor over the Labor Day Weekend to see Uncle Shannon and Aunt Carrie, and Connor stayed with Mimi and Bwana in Nashville. We didn't really plan it that way, but that resulted in a long "alone time" weekend for me. (In celebration of that solitude, I'm posting a pic here that doesn't have Chloe or Connor in it! Actually, I've been meaning to post a pic of myself so that I can have a Blogger avatar pic. Ok, I'm just really, really vain.)

What an odd concept. You don't really realize it, but once you get married and have kids, you just don't get much "alone time," and especially not for extended periods. It really made me think-- if I'm not "Daddy" or "Husband" or "Lawyer", what am I?

I had aspirations of bachelor revelry (you know, lots of scantily clad single women in the house, Jagermeister, etc.) but alas, none of that happened. All four of us have been assaulted by a horrible cold, and I really felt like doing nothing the whole weekend. Lots of reading, listening to music, watching movies that Steph would never want to watch (V for Vendetta, Dark Water, Original Star Wars Trilogy, etc.) and U.S. Open Tennis. It was very surreal-- almost felt like I was someone else for 3 days. I suppose I could've made more of it if I'd felt better-- you know, drive down to Mexico and get some real authentic tacos or something. But it was also nice to sit and do nothing. In peace and quiet.

I also realized that there's absolutely no way I could be happy living by myself again. The big mouths of Steph and Connor, along with the constant grins of Chloe, are the things that make my house the place I want to hang out.


An said...

i feel you, living by yourself is so 2000

Stephanie said...

Dude- don't front like the Original Star Wars trilogy is something I would "never want to watch"! Come on!

Stacey Greenberg said...

if it ever happens again, clearly you need to go roller skating. sunday night is jam night at east end ;)