Friday, October 14, 2005

Random Connor Update

Things I think you should know:

His favorite song is still "Since You've Been Gone," although I think it's just because he knows all the words. He's content listening to the radio or a CD until something he "knows" comes on, and then when it's over he immediately requests "Sinceyoubegone." I guess he wants to keep his monentum going or something. Other songs he knows the words to include "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and most songs on Transatlanticism. And oddly, "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. (Did Daddy play that one for him?) But usually by the end of any song he can sing along with the chorus- he's a good mimic.

He's learning to talk on the phone a bit- there are now usually 2 or 3 exchanges with the other person (instead of just hello) before he turns to look quizzically at the phone.

After recently celebrating Uncle Shannon's birthday with a cupcake and a phone call, he now thinks every birthday is Shannon's. On Aunt Marsha's birthday he took the phone and said, "Happy Birthday Shannon!" I'm not sure she found it funny. Hopefully he will do better Sunday on Dionte's birthday. (He calls Dionte "my-onte" which makes sense considering most words are preceeded by "my.")

He still loves every sport- shock! We try to watch the Mexican soccer league play across the street on Sunday mornings, and then follow that with a day of football. Baseball is important, too. He likes to go outside to "play bats" - we have various games that involve the baseball bats, but not all of them resemble baseball. Most of them include running the bases, though. Per Uncle Shannon's request, we have watched some hockey. He astutely noted its resemblance to soccer, but is perplexed by the lack of a ball. And I think he'll be much more interested in golf now that Michelle Wie has turned pro. (Or wait, maybe that's Daddy I'm thinking of. . .)

The potty training is going pretty well. He never wears a diaper anymore, even for sleeping. We still have some accidents, but I guess I consider him potty trained. We'll see how it goes when we travel to Nashville this weekend. We will have a potty in car- that should be fun. And might come in handy for me! (Gross! I'm kidding, Chip!)

I am in that stage where I just look fat, so I'm trying to wear maternity clothes to make it obvious that I'm not trying to bulk up before my winter hibernation or anything. I feel pretty good though- the first trimester is thankfully behind me. I go on October 27 for an ultrasound. No, I'm not particularly hoping it's a girl, but I think Chip is. And I know Grammy is. Once we find out, we will start talking to Connor about what's growing inside Mommy's belly and all that. I think he knows something is different, but I will feel better bringing him into the discussion once I have something specific to tell him.


Stacey Greenberg said...

satch has been to one redbirds game. that is the extent of his sports knowledge. although he can correctly identify lacrosse players practicing near the fairgrounds on the way home from school.

is he gonna grow up weird? :)

Stephanie said...

Connor's love of balls (ha!) is really just a product of living in our home- we watch a lot of SportsCenter. It's weird that he's such a stereotypical boy!