Thursday, September 22, 2005


Sorry we've really sucked at updating this thing lately. Connor doesn't pose for pictures well these days- he either gives us the fake "CHEESE" or he just tries to grab the camera. We'll have to do better!

First football story: Connor watched an episode of Dora where she plays soccer, and now he's all about it. We have walked across the street to the soccer fields a couple of times so he could watch people play- he was thrilled, cheering and laughing. It is fun. Of course, he won't kick his soccer ball the normal way. He has to bounce it first and kick it off the bounce (kind of like he does with the baseball). And let's just say he's not open to coaching yet.

Second football story: Connor's favorite book right now is his NFL counting book (one football! two trophies! three Super Bowl heroes!), I guess because it's football season. During week one when he cheered at the TV he said, "Yay heroes!" (I know- we need to have a serious talk about his priorities. :)) Also in the book are a bunch of helmets, and he and Chip always go over which helmet is for which team. Yesterday we got a subscription offer for SI in the mail, and it came with a bunch of stickers with NFL helmets on them, and Connor sat down and said, "There's the Broncos! And the Cowboys! And the Rams!" I didn't realize the amount of time he and Daddy had been putting into this book lately, so I was pretty impressed. I sure have those boys well trained! And I sure am glad I bought Connor that book. . .

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