Monday, September 05, 2005

Bats left, throws right

Now that it's finally under 100 degrees, Connor is obsessed with going outside to play with "the bats and the balls." He still isn't interested in hitting the ball off the tee we bought him. He hits it off the ground, like he's playing golf. If you throw it at him, he'll try to hit it off the bounce, but mostly lets it come to rest on the ground before hitting it. To him that still counts as hitting a pitched ball, I think. When we play with his "inside" bat (pictured) he will hit the ball in the air, since it's bigger than the bats we play with outside.

I'm so glad it's under 100 degrees on a regular basis now! Outside, I've missed you!

And for anyone who cares, I quit taking all the medicine the doctor gave me for my morning sickness, etc., and now I'm feeling much better!

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