Monday, August 09, 2010

Two Little Fishies

Remember back when I lamented that my kids were skittish at the Rhodes pool, and refused to do anything but hang on me? Times have changed.

Yes, that's Chloe swimming to the wall in water that's at least half a foot over her head. A couple of months ago, she would jump in the shallow end of the pool only if you were right next to the wall to "catch" her. Now she doesn't care where you are. We saw a friend of hers from school who said, "Chloe, why don't you have to wear floaties?" She felt pretty cool after that.

And here's Connor, who just two weeks ago told me he'd never jump off the board at the Rhodes pool. He also, just yesterday morning, told me he couldn't swim the length of the pool. Then yesterday afternoon, he swam the length of the pool. He still insists he's not going to be on a swim team next spring. We'll see about that.

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