Monday, April 12, 2010

Party Girl

On Saturday, Chloe had two birthday parties on the schedule. The first was for her good buddy M, held at the Fire Museum. Chip was Chloe's escort, and Connor and I stayed home and enjoyed some "grown up" time away from the four-year-olds.

The second party was for one of Chloe's very best friends, CR. She and Chloe have been in the same class since they were babies at Union Avenue Baptist.

Once he heard the next party was at Seize the Clay, Connor wanted to come along as well. He had a hard time choosing just one thing to paint, but eventually settled on this dragon. He has talked about going back to paint a piggy bank ever since.

Chloe amazed me with her attention to detail on the day. We had already picked out a Play-Doh set for CR, prompting Chloe to buy herself the same toy with her saved allowance money. But when I suggested the same gift for M, she looked at me like I was an idiot. "M likes Thomas the Tank Engine, duh." M's mom commented that she was impressed with Chloe's choice- she clearly pays attention.
After that, she was exhausted and we sent her to whine at Grammy's house. Awesome day for everyone! Except, of course, Grammy.

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