Thursday, April 22, 2010


Connor has been in a really good mood for the last week or so. It's been a refreshing change. He's been pleasant to his parents and his sister, he's been behaving at school, and it seems he's enjoyed the activities and events life has brought his way. We're not doing anything different, so maybe it's the arrival of spring that has finally lightened his mood.

I didn't realize just how hard he was to deal with until now- it's amazing how much easier life all of a sudden. You don't notice while it's happening, but we've spent a lot of time walking on eggshells around him, never knowing what might set him off. It's great when all the people in your household are operating within a somewhat logical emotional framework at the same moment in time.

I'm sure it won't last, and one of us will go off the rails soon enough, but right now we sure are having a happy start to our spring.

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Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders!