Friday, February 12, 2010


Our cat, Clark W. Griswold Jr. Chockley, is totally codependent and needs your attention. However, he doesn't understand basic social interaction so he bites you as soon as you try to pet him. Then he follows you around wondering why you aren't paying attention to him.

Only Chloe is immune to his abuse. She is somehow able to show him affection that occasionally borders on assault without ending up bloody. I think the only time he has ever bitten her is if someone else got him riled up first. She is definitely going to grow up and work with animals. She thinks veterinarian or animal rescuer (thanks, Diego) but I'm convinced she'll be a lion tamer or a snake charmer.


Mrs. Katherine said...

Whose brush is that?

Stephanie said...

Hers, of course. It's best not to borrow it.