Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Very Superstitious

This morning on Mike and Mike there was a discussion about the absurdity of sports fan superstitions. Golic pointed out that as a player, he had a direct impact on the outcome of a game, but as a fan, there's nothing he can do to affect the final score. Greenie and I respectfully disagreed.

Here are some of my sports fan superstitions. Enjoy.

The number one rule is that I can't wear team colors or have the team logo on me at any time during the game. This was established a million years ago when, as a Memphis Showboats season ticket holder, I realized that they ALWAYS lost when I wore a Showboats t-shirt or when I wore maroon and gray.

The number one rule does not apply to cheerleading uniforms, obviously, or else Ridgeway would have gone winless for five years in both basketball and football. However, there was a pair of lucky cheerleading socks. They made all the difference.

Obviously, you can't talk about a no-hitter or say the words "no-hitter" while someone is pitching a no-hitter.

And finally, I have something important to confess. During the (imaginary) 2007-08 Tigers basketball season, I let Connor stay up to watch most of the Tigers-Vols game, and it was the only game they lost in the regular season. Then, without thinking, I let him stay up to watch the first half of the National Championship game against Kansas. Yeah. Sometime that night I awoke with the realization that it was ENTIRELY MY FAULT that we lost the National Championship. I've felt guilty about it ever since, so don't bother trying to make me feel bad. I already do.


Cullen said...

I was listening, and Greenie was dead on. Jay is never invited to watch a major sporting event at my house again, EVER, in which I have a rooting interest - not after the Patriots lost to the Giants and Memphis lost to Kansas. Thank goodness he finally went HD.

Unknown said...

Didn't Connor take Derrick Rose's ACT for him? Way to go, Chockleys.