Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wearin' White on the Beach

One night during our recent vacation, we decided it was time for the "White Shirts on the Beach" family portrait session. We went to dinner first, and only Mimi and Chloe had the good sense to wear something normal and change into their white clothes later. While most of us did okay, you should know that Connor's shirt has been significantly photoshopped in these pictures.

After our dinner at the Old Florida Fish House, where Chip and I rudely left the table to watch the NBA draft at the bar, we headed to the beaches of Seaside to capture our portraits in just the right light. We were shocked, SHOCKED to find that at least 15 other families had the exact same idea for their next-to-last night on 30-A. It was hilarious. We all could have mixed and matched families, except for this one family who had the idea to wear navy blue. Hmphf. They must have been from up north somewhere.

Chloe ended up stealing the show in our portrait sessions. Every third picture was of her, and (almost) all of them gorgeous. It's probably because she allowed us to pull her hair out of her eyes, but also possibly because she is breathtakingly gorgeous. Overall it was a great group of pictures. I hope the other hundred people on the beach in white shirts had the same outcome we did.
See the whole set here.


Unknown said...

these are gawgeous.

my mom visited another home in memphis w/me once (we're from texas). she said "oh, doesn't that look great! they're all wearing white shirts on the beach!" she didn't know that you aren't allowed to own a home in the south w/o the white-shirt-beach-portrait.

i let it go. cause she's right--it does look great.

Stanfill said...

you guys are one good lookin' family! i can't believe how tall chloe is now!

Ginger said...

For some reason, the image of all those people wandering around the beach in white shirts just cracks me right up! Thanks for the laugh.