Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Valentine

In February of 1994, Chip and I were roommates and best friends. We were also both single, as were our friends Lori and Curt, so we decided to go on a double "date" on Valentine's Day to keep us from thinking about how lonely we were. Since Chip and I generally spent all our time together, we thought it would be fun if he were Lori's date for the night and I was Curt's. The four of us set off to the Red Lobster on Summer where we exchanged cards with our respective Valentines and enjoyed a meal that I'm sure included plenty of popcorn shrimp and pink zinfandel.

But Chip surprised me by getting a Valentine's Day card for me, too. Not long after that, we finally confessed our mutual attraction. And not long after that, we find ourselves in February of 2009, still roommates and best friends.

I love you too, Chip!

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Stanfill said...

awww, sweet. i love that you still have the card.