Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Clothes

Back in May I bought my children "fancy" clothes to wear to Shannon and Carrie's wedding. For Connor, fancy in the summer means "not shorts." For Chloe, it means, "not a $4 cotton sundress from Target."

We returned home from Ann Arbor and put these clothes away until the next family wedding, which happened to be this past weekend. With our departure scheduled for Friday afternoon, I decided Wednesday night that I'd better see if I could find Connor's pants. I found them, ruined. They had been washed with the belt still attached, and were now stained in a way that we couldn't cover up. Thursday morning I pulled Chloe's dress out of her closet so I could iron it. And wow- the red sash that attaches to the dress bled all over rest of the dress when it was washed. So her wedding outfit was ruined as well, covered in pink and red splotches.

Friday at noon I left work to go home and pack up the car, but stopped at Old Navy first. I easily found Connor some khaki pants (pants that turned out to be way too long, but at least they weren't shorts!), but the toddler dress selection was tiny. The cutest dress was mostly white, so I got on the phone to get some opinions. "If this dress is mostly white but has pink around the neck and the bottom, can she wear it to a wedding?" The consensus was that a 2-year-old could get away with wearing white and not stealing the bride's thunder. Whew- I made it out of there for under $30 and didn't have to go to any other stores. And my kids went to the wedding looking decidedly fancy.


Unknown said...

Good post, kids look great, but all I can wonder is how many dogs have urinated on that fire hydrant.

Stanfill said...

sooo cute!