Friday, July 18, 2008

Breathe in the Sea

In my real life, I'm terrified of the night. I'm scared of the dark as it is, but when you add to it that I'm scared to be out and about in Memphis anyway, you can understand that I do everything in my power to avoid being out of the house in Memphis at night.

When I go to the beach, my fear totally disappears. I can't imagine anything more perfect than the moon on the ocean at night. It's the closest I get to being a hippie Earth mama, when I consider the pull of the moon on the tides, and on me. I am already making plans to spend more time on the beach at night when I visit the coast again. But until I get back there, I'll be hiding inside, gazing at the moon through a (locked) window.

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Stanfill said...

i love the ocean. when i am on the beach, there is nothing cooler than just staring at it. seeing the waves roll across the water and crashing against the shore is beautiful. it's also awesome if you wake up early enough to see the creatures in the sea-the dolphins, the stingrays, the sea turtles, and crabs--i love it! the only things that bothers me at night are those darn sand-fleas. other than that, it is gorgeous.