Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So Unfocused

I can’t manage to come up with a coherent blog post, so here are some scattered thoughts from my scattered mind:

Last night was awesome: Titans on MNF (with the win! 2-1!) and new episodes of Heroes and How I Met Your Mother. I really love my television too much.

Also awesome, related to football- my fantasy teams are coming alive! Yes, I said teams. But only two.

Chloe is becoming the Great Communicator, which corresponds with becoming the Great Teenager- all the things she has to say are kind of bossy and contrary.

Lately, Connor has abandoned the sweet bedtime routine we had (the one where I get in bed with him, we talk about his day and sing lullabies to each other, then I kiss him and say good-bye while he protests my leaving) and prefers a peck on the cheek and a quick exit from the room. I guess Chloe isn’t the only kid who is growing up!

Also? Connor doesn’t take a nap anymore.

The kids are into the sibling fighting thing big time. Connor will repeatedly hit/stab/take toys from/yell in the face of Chloe, while she screams in protest, and will say, “But she likes it!” Hopefully we have a few more years to teach him how to tell when a girl doesn’t actually “like it” so that he doesn’t grow up to be a roofie-toting frat boy.

I think it is telling that Chloe and I are able to distinguish which kind of top goes on which type of sippy cup and the boys are not.

I don’t know how I ever wore a bathing suit in front of other people before the swim-skirt/ tankini top era began.

Connor finally seems to be getting bored with chicken nuggets, although he hasn’t really picked out any source of protein with which to replace them. Unless pepperoni counts as protein. Chloe is still a good eater, and it seems to all go towards height. She has weighed the same for the last six months or so, and is really getting taller and thinner. She still has those cheeks, though, and I’m glad. I’m not ready to give up all the baby fat just yet.

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