Monday, September 10, 2007

So Much To Learn

Connor calls his Mimi in Nashville and purrs, “Can you come over to my house?” The next day she packs up her car and makes the drive. No wonder he wants to marry Grammy when he grows up- grandmothers are easy to figure out.

“S called me dumbo!” he cries incredulously. “And Miss M just bit me!” I explain that they are girls, and girls are different. “They’re just weird,” he counters, and he’s right. Dad has his work cut out for him, trying to explain this complicated dynamic.

Dad is soon confronted with another “teachable moment” when Connor exclaims, “Hey Mommy! Your belly is fat like Chloe’s!” Dad needs privacy to explain the many problems with that declaration, so I walk away- wishing for just a moment that S and Miss M were there to stick up for me.


Unknown said...

Can I schedule an appointment for my boys to go over for counseling?

Melissa said...

You're welcome to bring Connor over and let me walk him up and down the stairs a few times.