Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Leaping Forward

I don't really have anything else to say about the beach, but these pictures are pretty cute so I thought I'd stick them in here.

Chloe has been crawling around backwards for about a month now. I thought she might finally start moving forward when we were on vacation, but she wasn't quite ready. Her teachers kept telling me that once she moved up to Nursery II with the other crawling babies, she'd pick it up in no time. Well, she started in the new classroom last Monday, and last Monday night came home and started crawling around the den. Part of me was impressed, but another part of me was concerned by how easily she caved to peer pressure. Hopefully the kids in Nursery III don't sneak out during naptime to smoke.

When we saw the Smiths recently, Connor was blown away by Francie's "pattycake" abilities. He has spent weeks talking about how Beth's baby can clap and play pattycake. Much to her big brother's delight, Chloe decided to start clapping on Saturday afternoon. Of course it continued for some time after she saw the reaction she got from Connor. If you think she's easily swayed by her classmates, you should see her around her hero, Connor. Someday they are going to gang up on me, and it's not going to be pretty.

Chloe's other accomplishment on Saturday was to successfully cut a tooth without losing any sleep or being drugged in any way. She just woke up Saturday and there it was. In fact, she was way fussier about her mouth the weekend before- I guess she's gotten used to the pain by now. I left her at daycare this morning with her whole fist crammed in her mouth, so there should be another one in there before long.

So basically in the course of a week she went from scooting around the carpet to crawling all over the house and sticking everything into her mouth that she can find. Look out, Clark!


Anonymous said...

beautiful babies at the beach! i know conner, you're a big boy!

Anonymous said...

conner what? i meant connor-whoops!