Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Christmas

Christmas at our house was a lot of fun, especially for Connor. Santa used to leave presents unwrapped under the tree for Chip, but he always left my presents wrapped- so when he visited our house he combined those two methods. As a result, the first thing Connor saw when he came downstairs was a guitar and a bunch of Matchbox cars! He was beside himself over the guitar, and would have played with it and the cars forever if we hadn't forced him to start opening presents. In this picture you can see the art table Grammy bought him, as well as a bunch of cars and the beloved guitar. He actually did a great job of playing with everything he got, including a plastic golf set, a talking Dora backpack, and this train set (along with a lot of other stuff- if I'm leaving your gift out I apologize. Trust me when I say he hasn't gotten tired of any of it yet).

The rest of us got fun toys too, but the day definitely belonged to Connor. If you haven't had Christmas morning with a small kid lately, I highly recommend it.

That afternoon Jackie, Ellis and Tiffany came over for a big meal, and then that evening Chip and I left the aforementioned small kid at home with his grandparents and headed to Tiff's to spend some time with our friends, or as we like to call them, our other extended family. It was an early night for us because I had a bad cold (and also I'm hugely pregnant). This lead to a belated Christmas present for Chip, as I woke up Monday morning with absolutely no voice at all. Nothing but a whisper. Chip was living the dream!

More holiday posts to follow. And yes Bill O'Reilly, I mean holiday, because we celebrated New Year's last week too! And it's Bowl Week for cryin' out loud! That counts as a holiday too! Thus the phrase, Happy Holidays! (I won't even mention Hanukkah. Or spell it correctly, apparently. But you get the idea.)

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Stacey Greenberg said...

haha living the dream. that's a good one.