Thursday, January 26, 2006

Long Time No Post

Here's our bathing beauty- Sorry we haven't been good about putting up pictures lately. Now that the new seasons of 24 and American Idol have started, we just don't have time for things like taking pictures of Connor! Just kidding- he's just as cute as ever. I keep waiting until he gets a haircut to take and post pics- it is shaggy way beyond the point of cute at this stage! When I was in elementary school, there was this one kid who rode the bus with me (can't remember his name, but I can remember his stop) and his hair always looked like Connor's looks right now. And every morning, someone would say to that kid, "Hey, did your mom brush your hair with the blender?" and we'd all laugh and he'd cry. The point of this story is, I'm just glad Connor doesn't ride the bus yet.

As you may know, we got rid of our old funky carpet and put hardwood in all of the bedrooms upstairs. Then we had to get a couple of new pieces of furniture so that there would be something in the baby's room besides hardwood and a crib. So we ended up letting Connor pick out some furniture for his room and transferring the other stuff into the baby's room. He picked out a bed with a slide on it. It ended up being a good deal, so I figured why not. Same with the chair- it's comfy and big, and it was the floor model so it was dirt cheap. Woohoo! Clark has already used it more than the rest of us. I'm glad I could get something that made him happy.
Now let me go ahead and address your concerns:
1. Yes, I worry that he might fall off of it. But I also worry that he will fall off of any bed/chair/table/etc. that he gets near, because he tends to jump on and off of things with no regard for his own personal safety. Then he laughs when he does fall. But I am not really concerned that he will just roll out in the night, since there are rails on it. Of course, this is his first night in it, so he could prove me wrong any minute now.
2. No, he won't grow out of it in a year or two. Many people told me a kid will use this until they're 10 or older. Imagine Connor sitting under it with a lamp or flashlight reading a book! If you knew me when I was 8 or 9, this would not be a crazy idea.
3. Even though we are 95% sure of the name, we are still not ready to have stuff monogrammed or anything. I like to keep my options open! (I know this isn't a concern about the bed, but it's the other question I get asked the most.)

We'll try to do better with the blog!


Anonymous said...

whatever, connor's the coolest kid on the block. a slide attached to his bed, awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Josh and I are really thinking about getting a slide put on our bed -- that is SO cool!

I (Ginger) also used to read in bed (but by the light of my closet -- not a flashlight). I think that's why my eyesight is so bad now.

Finally, don't tell the name until after baby is here. Some crazy people think that their opinion actually counts in the naming of your child. Better not to give them the opportunity to share it.

Thanks for the update -- we love the Chockley blog.