Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bonus post

Since that last picture sucked, I figured I'd better put up a better one.

Connor wants Santa to bring him a guitar. I mean, I'm sure there are many things he'd like Santa to bring him, but I used my Jedi mind tricks on him and now when asked "What is Santa going to bring you?" he says, "A guitar!*" I feel certain he won't be disappointed. I just hope dad isn't too disappointed if his son plays lefty.

*When asked any question, his new response is to say "Idon'tknow," whether he knows or not. So if you asked, "Hey Connor, what's the theory of relativity?" he'd say, "Idon'tknow!" but if you asked "What is Santa going to bring you?" he would say, "Idon'tknowaguitar!"


Anonymous said...

aww, the daddy and son duo. maybe you'll be able to take the act on the road. ole righty and lefty.

Stacey Greenberg said...

please email me this picture for the zine and write something to go along with it!

ok thanks!