Friday, October 12, 2012

The Two Front Teeth Saga

About a month ago, Chloe's two front teeth were perilously loose. One of them was even sticking out at a 45 degree angle. She did not want them touched.

We happened to have a dentist appointment, for a regular checkup. She said, "See how the gum is really red? That's because the one tooth is completely unattached, only held in place by the gum. So your body is treating it like a foreign object and it might get infected." She didn't pull it, though. She knew it would come out in a day or two, and didn't want to turn my oddly-terrified-of-tooth-pulling child off to dentists entirely.

That night at Snowden's Open House/Spaghetti Dinner, her tooth came out in a roll she was eating. How that is better than just pulling it out I'll never know. Gross. So then she looked like this:

Yeah, that other tooth is still sticking out. She looked and sounded pretty silly, but she preferred having Bubba teeth than pulling the other one out. Then things came to a head this week. She sat curled up in Grammy's lap like a baby for two hours, scared to swallow because she might swallow her tooth, then either spitting or slurping when she couldn't take it anymore. GOOD TIMES. Her gums were red, her whole face hurt, and she couldn't even eat a Wendy's Frosty because it hurt too much. She wanted it out so badly, but didn't actually want anyone to touch it. Plus there was a lot of crying. And did I mention slurping? She was freaking out. The rest of us were close.

When it was finally time to head upstairs to bed, I convinced her to just let me touch it one time before the night ended. I did, and she pulled away immediately, and I said, "Uh, I know you hate this, but your tooth is now perpendicular to the others so I at least need to put it back in the right direction before leaving you alone." She consented, and obviously I came away with the tooth in my hand. And duh, it didn't hurt because it WAS NOT ATTACHED. She was so happy! And so was I. I had been dying to remove that sucker.

And now she looks like this, which is awesome and entertaining. I hope it takes forever for those teeth to grow in!

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