Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Memphis Day

Saturday was gorgeous, so we spent it outside. First we went to Rock for Love 6 in Overton Square, to get some lunch and see what was happening. Then we ran over to Rhodes for an hour or so to check out the new football field, before heading back to RFL6 to see the Rock n Romp activities that were set to begin later in the day. It was a fun, busy day.

The kids were especially excited about the Huey's Experience, where you could blow toothpicks through straws to your heart's content, write on the walls, and have your face painted. (Although I don't remember ever having my face painted at Huey's, I have done the other things before!) Chloe was disappointed there were no burgers, as her appetitie for red meat is never sated. But she ended up with some cotton candy, so she was willing to overlook this flaw in the experience.

We saw almost everyone we know at RFL6. It was hard to tear ourselves away to check out the game, but Connor really wanted to see some football in person and we all wanted to check out the new field. We had fun at Rhodes, but couldn't wait to get back to the scene at Overton Square. It was such a great Memphis day- so many friends, great music, a Grizzlies-themed bounce house, the amazing work of the Church Health Center- plus the gorgeous weather. Just wonderful.

Then this happened, and my kids died and begged for their own drum kit and took videos to show Grammy because they could not believe this awesomeness.

The day was so perfect that it almost made me forget that I'm mad it's September and summer is almost over! Memphis does a great job of filling September Saturdays with fun things to do. I look forward to enjoying the rest of them with you!

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Kerry said...

holy moses on the drum kid!!!