Monday, August 15, 2011

Twenty Years

Saturday I celebrated my twenty year high school reunion. It's a hell of a thing to do, a mere six days after turning 38. I think I could have used a little buffer, some time to get used to how old I am before getting smacked with yet another dramatic reminder!

I kid! We had a wonderful time! We started with a picnic Saturday afternoon, followed with dinner at El Toro Loco, and finished by closing down TJ Mulligan's. (As I was feeling my age, I did not make it to Mulligan's.) I was struck by how pretty all the girls grew up to be. Those boys didn't know how good they had it back in 1991!

Chip took pictures at picnic, and various iPhones captured the evening festivities. Sadly, those nighttime photos are not neatly collected on Flickr. Even more sadly, they are most definitely all over Facebook.

It was great catching up with all these old friends. Looking forward to the next one, Roadrunners!

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