Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I kept thinking Chip would share some kind of photographic essay about our spring break trip to St. Louis. He didn't. So I'll share pictures of the kids from St. Louis instead!

We hit the Forest Park area for the first time, which contains both the zoo and Turtle Park. The zoo was sprawling- very different from our own zoo. The animals had much better environments in which to live. However, that meant you could walk a long time and not really see any animals. So, good for them, but maybe not as much fun for us. It was free, so I was happy with the animals I did see! Very close to the zoo was Turtle Park, which is basically a bunch of concrete right next to the interstate. Bad location, and really quite dangerous. But the photo ops are nice.

Forest Park is 500 acres larger than Central Park. Huge! I know there's a lot more to explore there, and I hope we will on a future, warmer, visit.

Finally, the obligatory picture of the Arch.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

The turtles were once a part of the park. The interstate came later. You can get a tiny idea of what it would have been like had I-40 gone through Overton Park.