Sunday, November 21, 2010

A New Face for an Old Broad

Yesterday the fam took a trek to Broad Avenue. A few years back, this would've been a bizarre thing to do, seeing as how the area was not very family-friendly. Recently, there's been a bit of an arts-based renaissance in the area. Slowly, the strip is changing from vacant old buildings and vagrants to art galleries and interesting bars and restaurants.

Livable Memphis and the surrounding neighborhood put on "A New Face for an Old Broad" yesterday-- a street festival of sorts, with lots of "pop-up shops." Lots of old vacant places were opened for one day, and artists and independent retail folks set up in them. The goal was to show what the area will be, when the transformation is complete. Generous bike lanes were drawn on the street, and there was a cool bike parade during the festival.  I haven't done an adequate job describing it really, go read the shpill here to read more.

Our friend Melissa Sweazy opened a cool little "Happiness Store" for the day, which sold happiness by the pound. There was a climbing wall, lots of street food vendors, families, animals, bikes, balloons, and... happiness.

Check out the whole slideshow of my pics here.

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Stacey said...

Hi Chip! I'm an arts writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and I just attended "A New Face for an Old Broad" when I was down in Memphis last week. I attended for fun, but later I decided I'd really like to cover it for the arts blog. Long story short, I didn't bring a camera. Would you be willing to let us use one or two of your fab photos, if we credit you appropriately? Please send me an email at staceyjng[at] and let me know! Thanks!!