Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alys Beach

For a change of scenery from Seaside and Seagrove, I headed a few miles east on 30A to check out Alys Beach.  It was definitely a different look-- all the buildings were white and spartan-looking.  From the South Walton Beaches site, I see that Alys "is our newest town -- drawing architectural inspirations from Bermuda, Antigua, and Guatemala."  I didn't get to see inside any of the houses ("Hey y'all!  Kin ah take some pitchers in here?"), but apparently they are all beautiful. (In fact, I just pulled up a few:  dang.Forbes recently named Alys as America’s “Top Spot for Design-Savvy Home Buyers”. All of the homes are built to Florida's Green Home Designation standard, which I presume is something like LEED certification.

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