Monday, June 25, 2007


This weekend my baby turned four. When I entered the world of parenthood, I thought of four as just another age younger than 13, which was the point I figured I'd need to start worrying. I was wrong- four is so grown up! Full of backtalk, peer pressure, fledgling independence and toy envy. But it's also full of hugs and kisses, pre-nap thumb-sucking and a secret dependence on Mommy's undivided attention. Not a day is dull, but they are all treasured.

We celebrated on Saturday by having friends and family over for a party. This was our first party with his peers (last year I was still in new baby la-la-land and couldn't pull it together) and I didn't know what to expect. It all went pretty smoothly, but somehow I still ended up exhausted.

The kids did some swimming:

They made their own ice cream sundaes:

And Connor opened way too many awesome presents:

On Sunday Connor enjoyed his "real" birthday by eating all the MnMs he could manage and playing outside until we all collapsed. It was a great weekend- thanks to everyone who came by to offer a present to Connor or moral support to his mother.

Happy birthday baby!

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