Friday, April 13, 2007


Little things I've forgotten to mention lately:

Connor has ringworm all over his face. He looks horrible, and I can only kiss him on his left cheek these days. It sucks, and although I smile to the face of the person I think he got it from, I secretly hate her.

Chloe can walk! We saw her take steps for the first time on March 27. She is still being kind of lazy about it- she'll walk if you encourage her, but if she's in any kind of hurry she drops to her knees and crawls with the quickness.

Where's the ringworm in this picture? Photoshopped!

On the list of things that have gone wrong for us lately, you can now add "shattered glass door on the entertainment center." Apparently Connor opened the door, and for no discernable reason it just shattered everywhere. Fortunately no one was hurt, but everybody cried anyway.

Totally out of the blue, Connor wrote his name for us. His first sign of impending literacy! Apparently he had been waiting to unleash this talent until he got the "r" just right.

Chip is going to turn 35 in less than a month. I had the idea that I was going to have a big party, invite everyone and their kids over and feed them, but the expense from the most recent break-in has proven prohibitive. So if anyone has any cheap ideas about how to celebrate, let me know.

Stacey's latest crazy idea is that we need to start a dodgeball team. We watched some teams play recently, and although Chip and Connor loved it, I thought it was kind of scary. Obviously I am not cut out for it, but Chip insists that I'm "athletic" and would enjoy it. I think Cathy hit the nail on the head regarding my involvement: "But honey, you're a cheerleader." Agreed.

In case there is anything at my house you would like to "borrow," I need to warn you all that we are now protected by Brinks! First time we got security doors, the second time we got an alarm system- I guess we'll wait until next time (tentatively scheduled for the end of June) to get the rottweiler.

Chloe has been working on this scowl lately. It's funny now, but I'm sure we'll come to hate it in her teenage years.


Cathy said...

Oh, but her scowl is so cute! I saw her when I was leaving daycare this morning, and I swear she had the same expression (and same cute hair-do!). She just compelled me to pop in and give her a quick hellow.
And for the record, I in no way meant to imply anything negative with the cheerleader comment. I think you're fully capable of kicking ass at dodgeball AND sporting a cheerleading uniform.
GOOOOOO Bloggers!!

Cathy said...

That's hello no hellow. Or I could lie and say I that it's my attempt to spell the Seinfeld belly-button hello, "HEL-LOOOW"