Sunday, December 10, 2006

Feliz Naviblah

Chip has got the Roller Derby covered, so I'll catch us up on the "Twenty-Four Days of Mom Doing Stuff and Hoping the Others Join In."
Friday I was going to do those name poems for everyone and let Connor color them. He is learning what letter words start with, so I thought this would be good for him. (Plus I wanted to use "ornery" for an "O".) He thought differently, and threw a crayon across the room. So Friday night we had no "family activity."
I called an audible on Saturday. Originally we were going to go to the roller derby as a family, but once I realized it started at 7:30 I knew it wouldn't work to take him. He has been begging me to put up outdoor Christmas lights, so that's what we did. Just garland with lights around the top of the door- I think "modest" is a good word to describe it. Others have chosen "ugly." In true Griswold family form, tonight Connor pointed out that "the lights don't twinkle, Mom. "
Tonight was Make Homemade Ice Cream night. I did all the work as Connor excitedly asked, "Isiticecreamyet? Isiticecreamyet?" until finally it sorta was. When I presented it to him, he refused to eat it, sticking with the Backyardigans candy he had picked out at the grocery store. And then later he cried because he didn't get any ice cream.

At least one of my kids enjoys eating:

Check it out- three teeth!

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An said...

i finally know what you guys mean when chloe looks like connor, i even bet we can go back a couple of years in these blogs and find an identical photo...

see you soon..