Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Three Months!

I can't believe I have a three-month-old and an (almost) three-year-old! I still feel like a new mom- like I just had Connor not too long ago. Somehow he's become a grown-up big brother, although I still think of him as my baby.

Chloe is starting to be a lot more fun. She laughs, she stares cross-eyed at her fist, and she does a good bit of talking. She still will have nothing to do with "tummy time," prefering to smother herself rather than lift her head. However, when we put her in a reclining position, she tries her best to sit straight up. I guess that means her neck muscles work, but only when she wants them to! I don't know how big she "officially" is, but she had definitely grown a great deal since her two-month doctor visit- and she was already huge then.

I'm doing okay- there are good days and bad days. I go feed Chloe her lunchtime botle a couple of times a week, and that helps. But someday I'm going to show up back at the office with a baby in my arms!

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An said...

glad she's growing up, make sure she's potty trained by christmas, oh sorry, i mean the holidays... aunt di is not aunt di until they are potty trained....

tell connor aunt di says happy b-day