Monday, April 24, 2006

What are the kids up to?

Chloe is doing well, growing and changing every day. She is awake and alert for most of the daytime, which is a lot of fun. She enjoys the purple bouncy chair as much as her brother did when he was a newborn- love that vibrate button! She is also figuring out that her fist belongs to her and can be stuffed in her mouth when life gets tough. I can't believe she is almost 6 weeks old!

Connor is a wonderful big brother. He wants to help and wants to pet her and hug her. And poke her in the eye. We don't know why he always wants to do that, but he seems affectionate about it so we aren't too worried!

He imitates the way we talk to her, which is pretty funny. When I feed her he says, "Good girl, Mommy! You fed the baby- you're a sweet girl!" If she fusses he says, "It's okay baby!" and "What's wrong, Sissy?" The other funny thing he says these days is "Imam" as in, "Connor, be careful," "Imam being careful!"

Here he is making Grammy and Uncle Shannon crack up.

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