Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Cold Weekend

Three 70-degree days followed our snowy weekend, and then we went from 72 on Thursday night to 26 Friday morning. Whatever! There was cold rain and sleet all night Friday night, leaving a good bit of ice Saturday morning. It stayed icy, since the temperature was about 15 most of the weekend. However, this did not stop Connor from going outside to play baseball!

Note the rosy cheeks and red nose. Too cute!

Just for fun, here is Connor's signature "things-aren't-going-my-way" face:

And if any of you are wondering how I'm doing, I'm 36 weeks along and really looking forward to having this baby in my arms rather than in my abdomen.


Anonymous said...

hey the boy's adorable and you are beautiful. whenever i am at 36 weeks, i hope i look as good as you do now. hope to see ya soon. love and miss you all lots!

Stacey Greenberg said...

you look GREAT! 36 weeks is SO close!